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An Ongoing Honouring of International Women’s Day – # 3 in a Series – A Consoling Echo Poem by Margaret Noodin

Navendamowin Mitigaakiing Apii dibikong gaashkendamyaan miinawaa goshkoziyaan endigwenh waa ezhichigewag bagoji Anishinaabensag odenang, mitigwaakiing izhaayaan miinawaa anweshinyaan. Nimawadishaag zhingwaakwag miinawaa okikaandagoog Nibizindaawaag zhashagiwag miinawaa ajiijaakwag. Nimaatookinaag zaagaa’igan ogaawag miinawaa apakweshkwayag. Niwaabaandaanan wesiinhyag-miikanan miinawaa nakwejinaanig Miidash apii bidaaban niswi giosewag miinawaa niizhwaaswi nimisenhyag dibiki-giizhigong gaazhad baabimoseyaan nikeye naawakweg zoongide’eyaan. Margaret Noodin from Native Voices, ed.CMarie Furman […]

Lane and Berry Redux – Two More Poems

Here are two more poems by Patrick Lane and Wendell Berry. Nothing scientific about the choices of poems. Just that these are poems I keep coming back to. Can’t let go. I’ve long cherished Berry’s poem Marriage and its scope in trying to capture the complexities of that strange and wonderful institution. The poem has flashes of […]

Wendell Berry and Patrick Lane — How Darkness Comes Into The World — Part Two

In Part One of this post I discussed the striking similarities between two, in some aspects, very different poems by Wendell Berry ( A Poem On Hope) and Patrick Lane (Cougar). In Part Two I wanted to feature the full-length version of Berry’s poem and the recent convocation address by Lane that, in some ways, […]

Wendell Berry and Patrick Lane – How Darkness Comes Into the World – Part One

In an introduction to a poetry reading a few years ago Wendell Berry was described as a human treasure. This teacher, farmer and prolific writer of  more than forty books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction is all that and more. Truly, he is one of the world’s  “elders”, one of our “wise ones”. All the more […]

Poetry as Back Scratcher! Rumi and Jane Kenyon

In Places You Can’t Reach You might have noticed how animals may groom each other in places they cannot reach on their own, That is what my poems are all about.                                            What a deal! Jelaluddin Rumi, trans. Daniel Ladinsky from The Purity of Desire, Penguin Books, 2012 A few days ago we had our […]

It’s the Music First!

One Heart Look at the birds. Even flying is born out of nothing. The first sky is inside you, open at either end of day. The work of wings was always freedom, fastening one heart to every falling thing. Li-Young Lee from Book Of My Nights, BOA Editions, 2001 Last month I was at Fort […]