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Poetry, Sometimes as a Prayer, as a Recognition of Persistence – The Latest Poetry Collection from American Poet Jennifer Grotz

    iPoem Now there are mini-moons, I read, primordial crumbs. Or rather there always were but now our instruments are sensitive enough to register. It probably means I’m dead. […]

For This I Came – Guest Poetry Blog Series # 18 – Part Two of Two – Canadian Poet Barbara Pelman Features Jewish American Poet, Alicia Ostriker (1937-)

from SEASONAL When the full sun is on me this way I itch and am satisfied I take it in like a thirsty man drinking from his garden hose I […]

In Spite of Loss Remembering How To Fall In Love With the World Itself – Brian Turner’s First of Three New Poetry Collections Being Released in 2023 – Elegies and Love Poems to His Late Wife Ilyse Kusnetz and to the World

Geologic When I don’t have a body anymore. When I’m ash and fragmented bone. I think about the early people, trapped between one geological era and another, unfathomable. Their dust […]

Our Burning World – Poems and Other Writing by W.S. Merwin, Barry Lopez, Kim Stafford and Katie Farris

In this trembling moment, with light armor under several flags rolling across northern Syria, with civilians beaten to death in the streets of occupied Palestine, with fires roaring across the […]

Why Is The World Like This? Guest Poetry Blog Series # 14 – Part Two – American Poet Christopher Locke Features American Poet Denis Johnson

Guest Blog Post by Christopher Locke, June 22nd, 2023 Passengers The world will burst like an intestine in the sun, the dark turn to granite and the granite to a […]

To Celebrate the 2023 Pulitzer Poetry Prize Winner – Esteemed American Poet and Teacher, Carl Phillips – Two of His Poems and One By American Poet Linda Gregg

That the Gods Must Rest That the gods must rest doesn’t mean that they stop existing. Is that true? Do you believe it’s true? I could tell it was morning […]

Guest Poetry Blog # 10 – Arleen Paré features the American-Lebanese Poet and Visual Artist Etel Adnan (1925-2021) – Part Two of Two

from October 27th, 2003 I say that I’m not afraid of dying because I haven’t yet had the experience of death on the walls of an overheated bedroom images on […]

Joy Is Something You Can Wear – Two Poems by Ghanaian Poet Tryphena Yeboah and a Poem and Quotes by American Poet Ross Gay

I SING THEREFORE WE SING I need you to understand: my joy is something you can wear, too. Throw it over your head like a blessing bestowed, keep it wrapped […]

Imperfection Gives Life – A Poem by Niki de Saint Phalle

Untitled 1. I like roundness. I like roundness, curves, wavy lines. The world is round. the world is a breast. I don’t like right angles they scare me. The right […]

Guest Poetry Blog #11 – The Trouble With Poetry – Peggy Rosenthal Features Billy Collins – Part Two of Two

Villanelle   This first line will not go away, and though the middle ones will disappear, the third, like the first, is bound to get more play. Examples of the […]