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Guest Poetry Blog Series # 26 – Part Two – Thanks To My Literary Saints – John Terpstra celebrates John Steinbeck, Richard Wilbur, Christopher Fry and John McPhee

Love Calls Us To the Things Of This World The eyes open to a cry of pulleys, And spirited from sleep, the astounded soul Hangs for a moment bodiless and […]

Making Beauty Out of Wood and Words – Guest Poetry Blog #26 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, Canadian Poet and Woodworker, John Terpstra – Part One of Two

The Kind of World We Live In —lines for Lent The kind of world we live in is fraught with where and when the next outbreak will occur, which passenger […]

Black Cassandras of the Power Lines – The lyric Power of the Many Shocking (Yet Somehow Liberating) Narratives from the New Poetry Collection of American Poet Dion O’Reilly

Dear Tongue, I like the way you tender the inner flesh of cheek, bend to touch your hinge in the red-flesh crevice of your cave. I love the way you […]

Guest Poetry Blog Series #25, Part Two — American Poet Amie Wittemore Features American Poet Brigit Pegeen Kelly (1951-2016) and Irish Poet Medbh McGuckian (1950 -)

AMIE WHITTEMORE FEATURES BRIGIT PEGEEN KELLY  Song Listen: there was a goat’s head hanging by ropes in a tree. All night it hung there and sang. And those who heard […]

Dreaming of Bobcats – Guest Poetry Blog #25 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, American Poet, Amie Whittemore – Part One of Two

The Crows I left out a bowl of rice dressed in violets and honey, unsure if it was offering or temptation. A crow appeared on my kitchen counter and ate […]

Don’t Listen For just One Voice — Guest Poetry Blog Series #23, Part Two — American Poet Luther Allen Features Rick Hermann, Mike Little and Others!

Invocation Don’t listen for just one voice, nor different voices saying the same thing. Understand this: each skin has its own mouth, each mouth has its own heart, each heart […]

“across her heart lizards were treading tenderly” – Guest Poetry Blog Series #24 – Part Two of Two – U.S. Poet J.I. Kleinberg Introduces U.S. Poet/Artist Joanna Thomas

—15— wolfsbane.bumblebee. buttercup.rununculus. bela lugosi. Joanna Thomas, from u.v.u.lar.i.a.: wild flower haiku field book , a haiku chapbook inspired by participation in the 2023 Seabeck Haiku Getaway. J.I. (JUDY) KLEINBERG FEATURES U.S. […]

Poetry and Paper Magic with Found Text – Guest Poetry Blog #24 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, American Artist, Poet and Freelance Writer , J. I. Kleinberg – Part One of Two

American artist, poet, and freelance writer J. I. Kleinberg. From here the days will fatten, sipping seconds of light through the chilly straw of winter to brighten and brighten among […]

Catch and Release – Poems by Palestinian Poet Mosab Abu Toha Who Has Now Shared his Harrowing Story of Being Detained at a Border Crossing By Israeli Soldiers in Late November, 2023

Doves perch on the roof of our hen coop, guzzle water from rain puddles. In the neighborhood, ducks and hens pick what the wind has carried and laid on the […]

At the End of a Tumultuous Year a Celebration of Resilience and Hanging In – Five Poems by Hilbert, Stafford, Orr, Hayden and Holm

Red Paint If you look at the cedar ʔəbil’ čəxʷ gʷəšuuc tiʔəʔ x̌pay’ you’ll see how it bends č(ə)xʷa šudxʷ ʔəsčal kʷi suqəčil and doesn’t break gʷəl xʷiʔ gʷəsuxʷəƛ̓ and […]