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Griffin Prize Shortlist – Winner Announced Tonight, June 7th 2023 – A Look Back on My Blog Posts on some of the Nominated Books and Authors

I left this somewhat late! A quick look at blog posts I have written on four of the five shortlisted nominees for the Griffin Poetry Prize – Susan Musgrave, Ocean […]

Version 2 – Moving to Delilah – Guest Poetry Blog Series – Contributor # 15 – Canadian Poet Catherine Owen – Part One of Two

Sunflower, August The mammoth is its own planet. Each day, for months, it grows inches, thickens, its pedicel like obese bamboo, leaves plattering out, shading tomatoes and peas, quashing the […]

We Can Always Praise – Three Poems – A Meditation on Horseradish and Radishes – Lysheha, Harrison, Issa

Song 352 When you need to warm yourself, When you are hungry to share a word, When you crave a bread crumb, Don’t go to the tall trees — You’ll […]

Guest Poetry Blog Series #15 – Canadian Poet Catherine Owen Features American Poet Victoria Chang – Part Two of Two

Tears – died on August 3, 2016. Once we stopped at a Vons to pick up flowers and pinwheels on our way to the graveyard. It had been a year […]

Oh World, Leave Me Slowly – The New Poetry Collection from American Poet Francesca Bell

Manifest Image The man keeps telling me I am beautiful. I still look young. He says it like I’ve asked for it, but I don’t care. For him or beauty. […]

Life Unmitigated – Guest Poetry Blog # 14 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, American Poet Christopher Locke – Part One of Two

Waiting for Grace Waiting for my daughter’s school bus, a March afternoon brushed haunted and grey, I keep company with the clouds, their gaunt reflections charcoaled atop our pond, the […]

Our Mosaics of Aches – A Tribute to American Poet Jean Valentine (April 27th, 1934- December 29th, 2020)

  Bees A man whose arms and shoulders and hands and face and ears are covered with bees says, I’ve never known such pain. Another man comes over with bees […]

Joining the Unknown to the Known – Guest Poetry Blog # 13 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, Canadian Poet Terry Ann Carter – Part One of Two

  Windy Nights Whenever the moon and stars are set, Whenever the wind is high, All night long in the dark and wet, A man goes riding by. Late in […]

Guest Poetry Blog # 12 – Pamela Porter Features Canadian Poet Wendy Donawa – Part Two of Two

(To see Part One of Pamela Porter’s two-part guest blog post please click here.) PAMELA PORTER FEATURES CANADIAN POET WENDY DONAWA AND HER BOOK: our bodies’ unanswered questions   Wendy […]

The Danger of Poetry – Guest Poetry Blog # 12 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, Canadian Poet Pamela Porter – Part One of Two

Poem for my younger self I hid my poems from her. Stuffed them under my mattress, into my pillow case. Mother scoured my room for them. I tucked them into […]