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Guest Poetry Blog # 12 – Pamela Porter Features Canadian Poet Wendy Donawa – Part Two of Two

(To see Part One of Pamela Porter’s two-part guest blog post please click here.) PAMELA PORTER FEATURES CANADIAN POET WENDY DONAWA AND HER BOOK: our bodies’ unanswered questions   Wendy […]

The Danger of Poetry – Guest Poetry Blog # 12 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, Canadian Poet Pamela Porter – Part One of Two

Poem for my younger self I hid my poems from her. Stuffed them under my mattress, into my pillow case. Mother scoured my room for them. I tucked them into […]

An Alphabet of Poets – P is for Porter

Testimony  I knew there were infinite possibilities. The world was catching fire. Leaves turned one by one to flame I saw my life clearly, in an instant: I had travelled […]