The Bigness of Small Poems – #43 in a Series -This Morning, a Yellow Wheelbarrow

Our Old Yellow Wheelbarrow

This Morning, a Yellow Wheelbarrow

I hear

the chords, the deep thrum,
from a yellow wheelbarrow
on its side after snow
in a morning garden.

The light singing there,
yellow on yellow,
blazes, an incandescence
not dependent on anything

or anyone.

Richard Osler, unpublished

I don’t as a general rule post my own poems on my blog. but now and again, but not too often, do I break that rule! As I have done today.

First I couldn’t resist the picture of the wheelbarrow this past Monday after a light snow. The image blazed up at me as Tomas Transtromer says in one of his poems. Then, I sent the image to some friends. One asked when I was going to write a poem to accompany it. And then with W.C. Williams, of course, in mind when it comes to wheelbarrows, off I went to write something.