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The Bigness of Small Poems – #29 in a Series – Marie Howe’s Divine Spark

BEFORE THE BEGINNING Was I ever virgin? Did someone touch me before I could speak? Who had me before I knew I was an I? So that I wanted that […]

The Bigness of Small Poems – # 28 in a Series – The Delicacy and Ferocity of Franz Wright

I’m trembling with fear.  Just as well that what I’m about to write is already somehow written within me. What I have to do is copy myself out with the […]

Singing in Dark Times – #7 in a Series – Derek Walcott’s Gratitude

The Morning Moon Still haunted by the cycle of the moon racing full sail past the crouched whale’s back of the Morne Coco Mountain, I gasp at her sane brightness. […]

Derek Walcott – Nobel Prize Laureate (1930 – 2017) – R.I. P.

For every poet it is always morning in the world. History a forgotten, insomniac night; History and elemental awe are always our early beginning, because the fate of poetry is […]

A Few Spaces left – 10 day Poetry Retreat in Umbria, Italy – June 23rd to July 3rd

I am so happy to announce that the desired minimum number of registrants for this retreat has been reached! The retreat is now an official GO! I am looking forward […]

Singing in Dark Times – #6 in a Series – Good and Bad Times for Poetry

Joy. The other taste in sorrow’s cup Guy Gavriel Kay from The Last Light of the Sun, Penguin Canada, 2004 Motto* In the dark times Will there also be singing? […]

( Part 3 of 3) Gone to Soon – Tribute to Tom Lux – Have You Found It Now – the Unbroken World?

I love mystery, strangeness, nuttiness, wildness, leaps across chasms, irreverence, all the crazy stuff we love about poetry. We don’t usually love poems because they are well made, or smart, […]

(Part 2 of 3) Gone too Soon – Tribute to Tom Lux – Out of the Waiting List to Zero

THE BEFORELIFE for Thomas Lux Meanwhile, I visit the word world. In between feeding my friends, the alert preternaturally unafraid birds of Purgatory Cove. Wright, Franz from The Beforelife, Alfred […]

(Part 1 of 3) Gone Too Soon – Tribute to Tom Lux – Renderer of Life – Low and Lower – into Poetry!

Render, Render Boil it down: feet, skin, gristle, bones, vertebrae, heart muscle, boil it down, skim, and boil again, dreams, history, add them and boil again, boil and skim in […]

Singing in Dark Times – #5 in a Series – Why not Sing – Kevin Young

Epigraph from Motto In the dark times Will there also be singing? Yes, there will be singing About the dark times. Bertolt Brecht: Poems 1913-1956, edited by John Willett and […]