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Maylor Again – A Poem for 45 to Read – If He Could Stop Watching Cable News

If you gaze at the stars, they turn their fiery irises towards our wet/dirty planet and watch the tidal motion of person piercing person with penis, and gladius, and bullet. […]

Daily Miracles – Virginia Woolf and Robert Cording

What is the meaning of life? That was all – a simple question; one that tended to close in on one with the years. The great revelation had never come. […]

What Accidental Loveliness Are You Missing Today? – Thoughts on a Poem by Robert Cording

from Massachusetts Audubon Chart No. 1, 1898 I’ve come to think that what we know of our lives often has nothing to do with understanding, but with some accidental loveliness […]

Poetry La Romita, 2017 – We Discovered a Wider (Wilder) Eye

Oh, the world, the world, What eye is wide enough? What pupil sufficiently diligent.  —  Greg Orr ………………………I want to go howl in the city, or smash windows, or make […]

The Bigness of Small Poems – #31 in a Series – Different Takes on Old Men – Maylor, Cummings, Owen

Three dogs and an old man Out of orchard they tumble. Dog over dog, an undulation. Playful, brown. First two, then another tail, exclamation, punctuation. A man, a silhouette, Zeus-like, […]

The Bigness of Small Poems – #30 in a Series – Christian Wiman’s Heart Cry

Writing poetry is a much more powerful and destabilizing experience for me than is writing prose. The former plays hell and havoc with my life and mind. The latter is […]

Poetry as Prayer – Dialog June 2017

This article first appeared in the June 2017 Issue of Dialog: The Texas Episcopalian published by the Episcopalian Diocese of Texas. I have been privileged during the past eight years to […]

In Great Company – Heidi Garnett’s Poem in Your Pocket

Wish List I want to meet a blue parakeet that reads the future pulling Tarot cards with one delicate outstretched foot, the hanged man uncovered.  I want to own a […]

Full -Up! Poetry La Romita, June 23rd to July 3rd, 2017

So pleased to announce that my 10 day poetry retreat in Umbria, Italy has filled up to its max! So looking forward to hanging out with a great community of […]

Yes! The Sure Footed Poems of Rosemary Griebel

PLACES TO LOOK FOR A MOTHER for Joan Shillington After your mother’s death I wanted to tell you, grief makes you a traveler in the foreign territory of every day. […]