Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Ashes We All Become – Jim Harrison, Grand Poet and Prolific Writer, Dead at Seventy Eight

Jim Harrison: author of twenty one works of fiction, two books of essays, fourteen poetry books (including Dead Man’s Float published this year), a cook book, a memoir and a kids book; and best known for his novella Legends of the Fall, made into the 1994 movie staring Brad Pitt. I wasn’t sure I would […]

The Cost of Refusal – A Poem by Robert Bly (and another by Rilke)

What does refusal look like? Refusal to look at our shadow side, our rejected aspects, good and bad; and/or refusal to live on the borderlands of our lives, and past them, into our greatest fullness?  American poet Robert Bly (1926 – )  symbolizes this or these refusals, strikingly in this poem: And the toe of […]

Ross Gay Wins the 2016 National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry

The American poet Ross Gay ( 1974 – ) has won a lot of plaudits for his 2015 book Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude which won the 2016 Tufts Poetry Award, and earlier tonight, won the National Book Critics Circle Award for poetry . It had been short-listed earlier for the 2015 National Book Award but […]

Sing Your Song! Shed That Skin! Commencement Addresses With a Similar Difference – Patrick Lane and Amber Tamblyn

When I think back on commencement addresses I have sat through I think of shiny, successful speakers urging the grads on to scale great heights and capture their dreams. After all it’s the grads big day. Why mention the worms-under-the-rock moments that might (will) happen in their lives. What to do with those bad dreams? […]