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Sing Your Song! Shed That Skin! Commencement Addresses With a Similar Difference – Patrick Lane and Amber Tamblyn

When I think back on commencement addresses I have sat through I think of shiny, successful speakers urging the grads on to scale great heights and capture their dreams. After all it’s the grads big day. Why mention the worms-under-the-rock moments that might (will) happen in their lives. What to do with those bad dreams? […]

Poetry of Conscience and Witness – Part Two – Amber Tamblyn

Some say poetry does not have a role in documenting  and bearing witness to the injustice and suffering in our world. It is not a documentary art, I heard a celebrated poet say at a workshop.Bollocks to that I say. As American poet Carolyn Forche has documented in her anthology, Against Forgetting – Twentieth Century […]

Poetry as Social Conscience – Part One – Sue Goyette and Amber Tamblyn

Poetry is language used with particular intensity. It is not, as many suppose decorative speech. Poets tell us what our eyes turned with too much gawking, and our ears dulled with too much chatter, miss around and within us. Poets use words to drag us into the depths of reality itself. They do it not […]

An Alphabet of Poets – T is for Tamblyn

from Strange New York City             couldn’t take its eyes             off our getting off.            On the 52nd floor,            up against the glass,            Emptying our empty dishes            into each other.            You counted ribs,            beat the concerto out of them,            again, and against,            as the rain too            pounded […]