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“A Rich Random Tapestry (Dennis Lee)” – Guest Poetry Blog Series # 20 – Part Two of Two – Canadian Poet Mary Ann Moore Features the Canadian Poet Bronwen Wallace (1945-1989)

Connecting It gets handed down along with the china fruit bowl and it’s a good story about my great-grandmother getting so angry with her husband’s drinking that she went right […]

Listening to the Quiet Part of You – Guest Poetry Blog # 20 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, Poet and Writing Workshop leader, Mary Ann Moore – Part One of Two

Mending                                                                                 So it’s just the four of you Josef said, referring to you, me and our two cats, Izzy and Squeak. When I sit down with you to look across […]

Patrick’s Poets – #3 in a Series – Vancouver Island’s Mary Ann Moore

Only Child Even though I’m an only child, no one can remember what time I was born. Dad was sure it was midnight, he heard the whistle of the train […]