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Rosemary Griebel’s Guest Poetry Blog, Part Two – Praise and Lamentation in the Poetry Collection “God of Nothingness” by American Poet Mark Wunderlich

from A DRIFTLESS SON It came to me to sell the family farm, shift its failures to a man who planned to occupy the place for recreation, to hunt the deer that spook and shadow in the pines, my job to consign to another my granddad’s stunted grove of walnuts planted—against the forester’s advice — […]

Introducing the Guest Poetry Blog Series and its First Contributor, Canadian Poet Rosemary Griebel – Part One of Two

After twelve years of the Recovering Words poetry blog I wanted to introduce other voices to this conversation.  To have other poets and readers of poetry share with me and my readers a poet who means much to them and, quite likely, profile a poet I am not familiar with with, adding to my on-going […]