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Guest Poetry Blog # 7 – American poet Dion O’Reilly Features American poet Jim Moore – Part Two of Two

WHATEVER ELSE, THE PROGNOSIS IS NOT TOO GRIM – THE POETRY OF JIM MOORE by Dion O’Reilly Whatever Else Whatever else, the little smile on the face of the woman listening to a music the rest of us can’t hear and a sky at dawn with a moon all its own. Whatever else, the construction […]

Guest Poetry Blog # 7 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, American Poet Poet Dion O’Reilly – Part One of Two

Another Happiness Publish your best work, find a decent job. Eat some sizzling octopus, the many kissing tentacles meaty on your tongue. Success, you think, Joy! For a while anyway, then it’s another mess in the papers, the endless scroll of rapists and dead turtles, another photo of a world leader with his corn-baked face. […]