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Singing in Dark Times – #7 in a Series – Derek Walcott’s Gratitude

The Morning Moon Still haunted by the cycle of the moon racing full sail past the crouched whale’s back of the Morne Coco Mountain, I gasp at her sane brightness. It’s early December, the breeze freshens the skin of this earth, the goose-skin of water, and I notice the blue plunge of shadows down Morne […]

Derek Walcott – Nobel Prize Laureate (1930 – 2017) – R.I. P.

For every poet it is always morning in the world. History a forgotten, insomniac night; History and elemental awe are always our early beginning, because the fate of poetry is to fall in love with the world, in spite of History. Derek Walcott, from Antilles: Fragments of Epic Memory, Nobel Prize Address, December, 1992 Gone […]