Yearly Archives: 2015

Tonight She Wants Wheels – Two New Books (Poems and Essays) from Jane Hirschfield

from Fifteen Pebbles Opening the Hand Between Here and Here           On the dark road, only the weight of the rope.           […]

Can Poetry Hurt Us? – Resurrection and Patricia Smith

                        Little Poetry He says I am gumpopper wondrous shoulders, evil on the days I bleed. I can take […]

What Her Heart Sees – The “Man from…..” Poems of Lorna Crozier & More!

                    Man from the Promised Land He was the north wind, the west. And I very nearly blew away with him […]

He Tasted What He Said – Poet, Philip Levine (1928- 2015)

                      The Simple Truth I bought a dollar and a half’s worth of small red potatoes, took them home, boiled them […]

Yet We Were Looking Away – On Missing the Moment!