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The Kiss of a Shark and Feet of a Sparrow – The Poems of Tim Seibles

Edge Traffic: solitude, the city — walking around. So many of us lost in it. Is love the secret nobody tells? In a small park daylight pulled its knife and a tree moved toward me: what are you doing here? I remembered then: I lit my eyes which had gone out Tim Seibles from Fast […]

Christian Wiman and Greg Orr — How To Lighten Grief’s Gravity

I sometimes think art is useless in the face of extreme suffering, but then I remember Miklos Radnoti, Paul Celan, Anna Akhmatova, or Mandelstam—and I bow my head (to them) in awe. I suppose I do believe that the greatest art consoles a wound that it creates, that art can give you the capacity to […]