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I Did Not Know I Would Turn from the Stream… Quotes and Poems on the Tragedy of Losing a Spiritual Connection to this Earth

  New Zealand journalist Rod Oram’s answer in an interview on a question on willingness for individual action on climate change recorded a few months before his death March 19th, […]

My Story – Transforming Anger into Action Close to Home – What To Do About “Unsustainable Logging”? How To Turn “Things or Objects” into Nouns We Care For?

“If I choose not to become attached to nouns – a person, place or thing – then when I refuse a intimate’s love or hoard my spirit, when a known […]

Three on Trees by Merwin for Earth Day 2021 and a Quote by Terry Tempest Williams, A Cry Out For Us To Be Attached to Our World, Its Nouns!

PLACE On the last day of the world I would want to plant a tree what for not for the fruit the tree that bears the fruit is not the […]