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The “Isness of the Agony of Displacement – Part Two – Three Poems, One by Michael Rosen and Two-in-One by Brian Bilston

The Migrants in Me Maybe I look as if you could spin a story at me about how threatening and dangerous migrants are, as I neither I nor you would ever dream of upping sticks and living somewhere else and being, you know, a migrant. As if neither I nor you might suddenly find ourselves […]

The “isness” of the Agony of Displacement – Part One – A Poem by Warsan Shire from Her New Poetry Collection

ASSIMILATION We never unpacked, dreaming in the wrong language, carrying our mother’s fears in our feet— if he raises his voice we will flee if he looks bored we will pack our bags unable to sleep through the night. The refugee’s heart has six chambers. In the first is your mother’s unpacked suitcase. In the […]

Singing in Dark Times – #9 in a series – Where Does the World Hurt – Everywhere. A Poem by Warsan Shire. And One More for Good Measure!

what they did yesterday afternoon they set my aunts house on fire i cried the way women on tv do folding at the middle like a five pound note. i called the boy who use to love me tried to ‘okay’ my voice i said hello he said warsan, what’s wrong, what’s happened? i’ve been praying, and […]