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Poems for the Summer Solstice – # 2 in a Series – W.S. Merwin

Summer Be of this brightness dyed Whose unrecking fever Flings gold before it goes Into voids finally That have no measure. Bird-sleep, moonset, Island after island, Be of their hush On this tide that balance A time, for a time. Islands are not forever, Nor this light again, Tide-set, brief summer, Be of their secret […]

Synchronicity – A Sweetness to Savour on New Year’s Day 2018 – Another Tribute to W.S. Merwin

A Momentary Creed I believe in the ordinary day that is here at the moment and is me I do not see it going its own way but I never saw how it came to me it extends beyond whatever I may think I know and all that is real to me it is the […]

The Bigness of Small Poems – # 27 in a Series – W.S. Merwin, American Master of Small Poems!

EARLY ONE SUMMER Years from now someone will come upon a layer of birds and not know what he is listening for these are the days when the beetles hurry through dry grass hiding pieces of light W.S. Merwin from Migration: New and Selected Poems, Copper Canyon Press, 2005 My friend Jordan Hartt, who helps […]