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Solstice – A Midnight when Noon is Born – The Dark-Day Cry of the Great English Poet Kathleen Raine

from The Northumbrian Sequence – Part IV Let in the wind Let in the rain Let in the moors tonight, The storm beats on my window-pane, Night stands at my bed-foot, Let in the fear, Let in the pain, Let in the trees that toss and groan, Let in the north tonight. Let in the […]

Poet as Spell Caster – Whittemore, Raine and Hirschfield

                                    Spell for the End of Grief No incantations, no rosemary and statice, no keening women in grim dresses. No cauldrons, no candles, no hickory wands. No honey and chocolate, no sticky buns. No peonies and carnations, no […]

Kathleen Raine – Poetry and the Sacred

As 2010 ended and 2011 begins I have been preoccupied with thoughts of the poet, memoirist and scholar, Kathleen Raine, who died in 2003 aged 95. Ruthlessly honest, she pulled few punches with herself or others. Called by some one of the great poets of the English language she exemplified the poet as mystic, the […]