Again, No More – Poems of Africa

Again No More, Poems of Africa by Richard Osler

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Privately published in September 2006 Again no More is a poetic journey into the heart of darkness and light that is Africa.

These poems are an outpouring of Richards response to trips that he has taken to Africa since 2004, but in particular the visit in 2006 to three war affected areas of Africa – Northern Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

All proceeds from the sale of the book which include the CD of Richard reading the poems will go to Souls in Stride, a Vancouver based charity that supports the work of Heal Africa in Goma, Congo.

This chapbook with CD is available for C$25.00.

Please contact Richard to purchase the book.

NOW I AM EIGHT – audio with music
[audio:|titles=Now I Am Eight]
NOW I AM EIGHT – audio without music
[audio:|titles=Now I Am Eight]

(For Richard and Noella Katembo)

My father came home
and the men came too,
to rob him.
But there was no money
so he died there
in front of me
 and my sister.
My mother was not home.
She had given birth
the day before.
I was five then.
Now I’m eight.
I have told my mother
I am ready to put
flowers on the grave.
She says “no” it will make
me the next to die.
But I know
there are many ways
to die in Africa.

Goma, DR Congo

STRANGE BATONS – audio with music
[audio:|titles=Strange Batons]
STRANGE BATONS – audio without music
[audio:|titles=Strange Batons]


The killer remembers how odd
it was that most often they died
quietly, no cries or pleas
to surround their sad, long
deaths. The killer mentions this
with s a sense of regret.
He does not mention
any sounds the blades made –
strange batons
conducting a music made
and mad with the cutting
apart of breath and bone.

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