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Wise Words from Two Great Sages and Teachers – Pema Chodron and Jelalludin Rumi

THE ONLY REASON WE DON’T OPEN OUR HEARTS The only reason we don’t open our hearts and minds to other people is that they trigger confusion in us that we don’t feel brave enough or safe enough to deal with. To the degree that we look clearly and compassionately at ourselves, we feel confident and […]

The Rough-Knuckled Life and Poetry of Charles Bukowski Born on This Day 99 Years Ago!

a song with no end when Whitman wrote, “I sing the body electric” I know what he meant I know what he wanted: to be completely alive every moment in spite of the inevitable. we can’t cheat death but we can make it work so hard that when it does take us it will have […]

Heidi Garnett’s Blood Orange – An Important Poetry Collection from 2016

  Upstairs in the Study A wound is a place where light enters you. So many words, books on shelves, paper shoulders holding dust’s weight. But what is this pain I should search for again? Where is the joy in it? On the window sill an angel with wire wings plays Shostakovich’s Concerto # 1 […]

A Huge Small Poem from Greg Orr’s latest Poetry Collection

              Song of Aftermath Standing now, in a place Scrubbed raw by flood. I, who sought neither Rapture nor fracture. Now the question is: What do you do with shatter? Someone else’s map? I’d end up half-trapped; And even the best often Just guess what’s next. If I’m to […]

A Celebration of Prosody – The Swoops of Ross Gay’s Breathless Sentences and a Meditation on Joy

And yet, and yet, when the cold makes brittle what remains—the spent okra stalk, the few pepper plants that hang on through the first two frosts, these little gold tomatoes—when it withers even the rogue amaranth, its tousled mane bent and defeated, when the silver maple out front has ceased whispering, and when the bullfrogs […]

The Extraordinary Poetry of Two Tormented Poets and Lovers – Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan

The Respite A harder time is coming. The end of the respite allowed us appears on the skyline. Soon you must tie your shoelace and drive back the dogs to the marshland farms. For the fishes’ entrails have grown cold in the wind. Poorly the light of the lupins burns. Your gaze gropes in the […]

Death by Addiction – A Searing Poetic Memoir by Sheryl St. Germain

Loving An Addict Yesterday the skies were troubled gusts almost knocked us down today the sun, the kiss of a breeze it was always fights or lies Maybe at the end I preferred the lies Sheryl St. Germain from The Small Door of Your Death, Autumn House Press, 2018 The absolute helplessness of of someone […]

Two Roads to Take – One Truly Up, One Tragically Down – Poetry for Recovery

The Addiction Room The room is dark. There are four walls a top and a bottom. I am trapped. I can’t get out and sometimes in that darkness I don’t want out, sometimes I love feeling trapped, like the room has somehow stayed safe. I cannot get out and more importantly, no one can get […]

Poem as a White Raven Released from Darkness – The Poetry of Luljeta Lleshanaku

Waiting for a Poem I’m waiting for a poem, something rough, not elaborate or out of control, something undisturbed by curses, like a white raven released from darkness. Words that come naturally, without aiming at anything, a bullet without a target, warning shots to the sky in newly occupied lands. A poem that will well […]

The Incense of J’Adore. A Poem for Mother’s Day by the Sierra Lorean-American Poet Yalie Kamara

  THURIBLE “I’ll be loving you until the day that you are me and I am you.” — Stevie Wonder I know that homesickness is born from distance and that distance cures home sickness. And that rage is a big calcified hut of a heart with one door, two rooms and a half-opened window. And […]