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An Ongoing Honouring of International Women’s Day – # 3 in a Series – A Consoling Echo Poem by Margaret Noodin

Navendamowin Mitigaakiing Apii dibikong gaashkendamyaan miinawaa goshkoziyaan endigwenh waa ezhichigewag bagoji Anishinaabensag odenang, mitigwaakiing izhaayaan miinawaa anweshinyaan. Nimawadishaag zhingwaakwag miinawaa okikaandagoog Nibizindaawaag zhashagiwag miinawaa ajiijaakwag. Nimaatookinaag zaagaa’igan ogaawag miinawaa apakweshkwayag. Niwaabaandaanan wesiinhyag-miikanan miinawaa nakwejinaanig Miidash apii bidaaban niswi giosewag miinawaa niizhwaaswi nimisenhyag dibiki-giizhigong gaazhad baabimoseyaan nikeye naawakweg zoongide’eyaan. Margaret Noodin from Native Voices, ed.CMarie Furman […]

Celebrating Women Poets Following International Woman’s Day – Two Poems by Samantha Fain and One by Me

Woman as Wet Collection He tells me, this is science. These are facts. Your body bakes the bread. Your knees bond to the floorboards. Scrub. Whisper. Speak white noise but don’t sleep. Warm my shadow. Keep your knuckles beneath the table or in the dough. Don’t ask me to repeat myself, don’t question my tongue […]

A Few Days Late – A Heck of a Poem (And One Other!) to Celebrate International Woman’s Day!!! Or to Celebrate Women on Any Darn Day!!!Please Say Hello to American Poet Bianca Spriggs!

What Women Are Made Of There are many kinds of open. — Audre Lorde We are all ventricle, spine, lung, larynx, and gut. Clavicle and nape, what lies forked in an open palm; we are follicle and temple. We are ankle, arch, sole. Pore and rib, pelvis and root and tongue. We are wishbone and gland […]

Gone for a Year, Today – Dear Patrick, Poet and Friend, Bless You. And Thanks for Your Great Kid’s Book Poem! It Cheers Me Up!

An excerpt from Milford and Me – An Illustrated Kid’s Book (Milford in this poem/book is a small turtle) We walk along down by the turnips. There is no one but Milford and me. We’ve been sharing a cucumber sandwich is the shade of a very tall pea. There are things I don’t know about, […]

A Poem – My Response to the News of the Sexual and Relationship Abuse of Women by the Once-Celebrated Canadian Jean Vanier

This Impossible Math – The Grace and Rightness You Were Minus the Wrong You Were, Equals, What? I grieve to speak of love and yet not love as I should. I ask forgiveness of the many I have wounded And of the many I have passed without seeing their wounds. Pray for me, my brother […]

When an Orange is a Heck of a Lot More than an Orange – Poems by Jeanette Lynes and Lorna Crozier

But maybe first I’ll start with banana as in the joke: Knock knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana who? Knock knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana who? Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad I didn’t say banana? And Orange you wondering where this is going and why? And I’ll tell you why. Orange […]

My Mistake – The Correct Version of the Poem “Leaving Green” from my Post on Canadian Poet Martha Royea, Dec. 30th, 2019 – Sorry, Martha!

Leaving Green Montreal, hot-as-hell August 1968. I lope along an early morning side street of modest homes wearing a black boy’s body, swinging the biggest boom box you ever saw in one hand, finger-snapping time with the other, my lips mouthing Motown all around the town, oooh ya! Oh, sure, I’m watching the boy from […]

Martha Royea – #2 in the Patrick’s Poets Series – Poets I Met Through the Poetry Writing Retreats of Canadian Poet Patrick Lane

The Return Journey — After T.S. Eliot, The Return of the Magi “They’re coming! They’re coming back!” I went shouting, skirts flying and my hair not combed; I ran to the barns to tell father, and then to the cookhouse, and then to shoo the gambling men from the doorway again, and light the lamps, […]

Words to Rouse us (Isaiah) – Poems of American Poet Philip Metres

Solstice Prayer In the name of the darkness, and of the light, in the name of the harness of winter’s ice. In the name of the other, and of the one, in the name of the weather, and of the bone. In the shame of the ache of what I can’t tell, in the name […]

Liz McNally – # 1 in a Series on Patrick Poets – Poets I Met Through the Writing Retreats of Canadian Poet Patrick Lane

Collect for the Homeless God of the broken night. Finder of empty doorways, shopping carts, cardboard blankets, fast food refuse, cigarette butts, dropped coins and nick of time naloxone kits. May your infinite attention be the thin layer of softness between weary bodies and cold pavement, may it be a cloak to shelter children from […]