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Art Changes You – Guest Poetry Blog # 10 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, Canadian Poet Arleen Paré – Part One of Two

from Heart’s Arrow on the ceiling the Sistine Chapel that tap finger zap that divine big bang iconic connection communion by which I mean art’s arrow flies in one direction you don’t change art art changes you Arleen Paré from The Girls With Stones Faces, Brick Books, 2017 RICHARD’S LEAD-IN FOR ARLEEN PARÉ AND HER […]

Bringing a Darkness Into the World – Patrick Lane’s Witness By Poem and Prose to the Hunting (and Haunting) Death of a Cougar in 1949

COUGAR The cougar before she falls from her high limb holds for one moment the Ponderosa pine, her back arched, her tail so still the forest stops. There are silences to learn, each one an invocation: the one that follows a father’s rage at a child, a woman’s rage at a man, a child’s tears […]

Guest Poetry Blog # 9 – Entering the Wild – American poet Todd Davis Features American poet Anne Haven McDonnell – Part Two of Two

Shadow into Wolf On the long low-tide of seal spit, I studied just beyond the horizon of sight—a dark twist of driftwood, black against the sandy bank and shag of cedar. Thought it’s just like my mind to make a branch a wolf snout, profile with two ears pricked towards our boat where you load […]

Metaphor as Mystical Transformation– Guest Poetry Blog # 9 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, American poet Todd Davis – Part One of Two

Transfiguration of the Beekeeper’s Daughter Because the bees flew toward light the color of honey, she couldn’t see them but heard their hum, deep thrum of the colony come out of the hive, comb dripping with loss and the smoke her father used to subdue, to pacify the fear that might spur an attack. It […]

Guest Poetry Blog # 8 – American poet Bianca Lynne Spriggs aka DRRTY BĒ Features American Poet Kelli Stevens Kane – Part Two of Two

what I had what I had to have what I had to have taken what I had to have taken from me what I had to have taken from me to feel what I had to have taken from me to feel human what I had to have taken from me to feel human was […]

Love Lets Go – Guest Poetry Blog # 8 – Introducing the Latest Contributor, American Poet, Bianca Lynne Spriggs aka DRRTY BĒ- Part One of Two

THE ELIJAH PRINCIPLE – for the next one What if it works the same way, today? What if this snood-scarf I’m making out of yarn from the clearance aisle is just like the mantle tossed from a chariot on its way to Glory, because of my intent? If you were to wear it, it would […]