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A Stunning Debut – Linda K. Thompson’s 2021 Poetry Collection – BLACK BEARS IN THE CARROT FIELD

Pete Sillanpaa Never Loved the Moon Aino died first and Pete lost heart. Spent his last years at the Finnish rest home in South Vancouver. The farm by Punch Creek: two small fields along the road, the gooseberries, the sauna, the green and white house with the steep pitched roof, all sold off to someone […]

Poems by Frank O’Hara and Roger Reeves and Another Poem by Ocean Vuong, Plus a Generative Writing Adventure for Anyone Who Wants To Try It

Katy They say I mope too much but really I’m loudly dancing. I eat paper. It’s good for my bones. I play the piano pedal. I dance, I am never quiet, I mean silent. Some day I’ll love Frank O’Hara. I think I’ll be alone for a little while. Frank O’Hara from The Collected Poems […]

His Body is his Last Address – A Poem by Ocean Vuong from His Latest Book: TIME IS A MOTHER

from Reasons for Staying The October leaves coming down, as if called. Morning fog through the wildrye beyond the train tracks. A cigarette. A good sweater. On the sagging porch. While the family sleeps. That I woke at all & the hawk up there thought nothing of its wings. That I snuck onto the page while the guards were […]

The Guest Poetry Blog Series # 4 – Canadian Poet Juleta Severson-Baker Features Dene/Métis Poet, Photographer and Writer, Tenille K. Campbell – Part Two of Two

#807 the snow fell light white flakes melting on contact fading away like old stories after dawn the country twang of heartache and loss white noise background as I listened to your heartbeat echoing my own my hand in yours we swayed back and forth under street light moonlight memories I need a woman like […]

The Guest Poetry Blog Series #4 – Introducing the Fourth Contributor, Canadian Poet and Teacher, Juleta Severon-Baker – Part One of Two

My Wild Body happiness of the world came to me again. My body effervesces, I think with my body which effervesces. -Anna Swir, trans. Czeslaw Milosz &  Leonard Nathan At 15, all the happiness of the world was a horse and my best jeans, halter in hand and boots with a one inch heel, every […]