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Two Roads to Take – One Truly Up, One Tragically Down – Poetry for Recovery

The Addiction Room The room is dark. There are four walls a top and a bottom. I am trapped. I can’t get out and sometimes in that darkness I don’t want out, sometimes I love feeling trapped, like the room has somehow stayed safe. I cannot get out and more importantly, no one can get […]

Poem as a White Raven Released from Darkness – The Poetry of Luljeta Lleshanaku

Waiting for a Poem I’m waiting for a poem, something rough, not elaborate or out of control, something undisturbed by curses, like a white raven released from darkness. Words that come naturally, without aiming at anything, a bullet without a target, warning shots to the sky in newly occupied lands. A poem that will well […]

The Incense of J’Adore. A Poem for Mother’s Day by the Sierra Lorean-American Poet Yalie Kamara

  THURIBLE “I’ll be loving you until the day that you are me and I am you.” — Stevie Wonder I know that homesickness is born from distance and that distance cures home sickness. And that rage is a big calcified hut of a heart with one door, two rooms and a half-opened window. And […]

The Only Whole Thinking – Poetry! Another Farewell to a Poet – Les Murray 1938-2019

Poetry And Religion Religions are poems. They concert our daylight and dreaming mind, our emotions, instinct, breath and native gesture into the only whole thinking: poetry. Nothing’s said till it’s dreamed out in words and nothing’s true that figures in words only. A poem, compared with an arrayed religion, may be like a soldier’s one […]