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New News! Announcing a “En Plein Aire” Ten Day Poetry Retreat in Italy, October 4 to 14th, 2018

  POETRY EN PLEIN AIR The Second Recovering Words Generative Poetry Retreat at La Romita School of Art Terni, Umbria, Italy 10 Days in Residence October 4th to Oct. 14th, 2018 La Romita RETREAT OVERVIEW After the poetry-packed wonder of the 2017 Recovering Words poetry retreat at La Romita, what a pleasure it is to […]

Bell, Day and Klobah – Poets to Read – And Here, Three of Their Poems – Writing the Body Erotic

AND THEN the man remembers your body, remembers to love you again, flicks you like a switch that has waited, ready in the room’s shadows. Loneliness rises from each reclaimed centimeter of your skin. You are so eager you are humiliated, rushing forth like a hound loosed in woods, your cry like joy or keening, […]

Living in a Terrifying World – Three Responses from Three H’s – Hughes, Hirschfield and Hayden

Luck Sometimes a crumb falls From the tables of joy, Sometimes a bone Is flung. To some people Love is given, To others Only heaven. Langston Hughes (1902 – 1967) from The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes, Alfred A. Knopf, 1994 What a way it was to begin a poetry reading! But that’s how Sharon […]

R.I.P. – Ursula Le Guin (1929-2018) – The Poet, the Monster and The House of Poetry

  For the New House May this house be full of kitchen smells and shadows and toys and nests of mice and roars of rage and waterfalls of tears and deep sexual silences and sounds of mysterious origins never explained and troves and keepsakes and a lot of junk and a flowing like a warm […]

The Bigness of Small Poems – # 36 in a Series – Smiling at the Other’s Welcome – Langston Hughes and Derek Walcott

Final Curve When you turn the corner And run into yourself Then you know that you have turned All the corners that are left Langston Hughes (1902 – 1967) from Poetry for Young People Langston Hughes, Sterling Publishing Co., 2006 Langston Hughes was a celebrated black American poet who was considered a poetic innovator especially […]

Uncovered to the Bone – The Eyes and Poems of Sam Sax

from On Syphilis I know the easy treatment meted out to me comes directly from their suffering I know all things are this way a single injection trails with it hundreds of thousands of sick wrapped in heated blankets, electrocuted, & poisoned to sweat out their madness stare at any serum long enough, it unbraids […]

Synchronicity – A Sweetness to Savour on New Year’s Day 2018 – Another Tribute to W.S. Merwin

A Momentary Creed I believe in the ordinary day that is here at the moment and is me I do not see it going its own way but I never saw how it came to me it extends beyond whatever I may think I know and all that is real to me it is the […]