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The Bigness of Small Poems – #18 in a Series – James Wright – A Poem to Counter Terror

  TODAY I WAS HAPPY, SO I MADE THIS POEM As the plump squirrel scampers Across the roof of the corncrib, The moon suddenly stands up in the darkness, And I see that it is impossible to die. Each moment of time is a mountain. An eagle rejoices in the oak trees of heaven, Crying […]

The Bigness of Small Poems – # 17 in a Series – Song Lines – The Eco-Poetics of Basma Kavanaugh

from NICHE Last winter a chorale in an old church, a cold night in a prairie city. The unaccompanied human voices smouldered and keened, swelled the stone building, fluttered in the wooden rafters, soared over shining pews, ruffling the hairs of my body. With my skin suddenly too small, and pain burnishing my larynx, I […]