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Something Not Sayable – A Post for Heidi’s Mother

                        My Mother’s Foot The main door into the nursing home slides open, an exhalation of stale air. The gift shop still has hand-knitted toques and scarves for sale, though it’s the first day of Spring. There is a leather chesterfield and matching love seat. […]

Mercury Dangerous – The Quicksilver Wit & Click of Micheline Maylor

  What I would give to you are secrets told in textiles, pillows for your sofa made of clothing slid from my body on sultry afternoons. Are you thinking now of hands and buttons? Are you thinking of Fridays? These are impractical gifts now that you are alone. A roaster oven would serve you better […]

Tonight She Wants Wheels – Two New Books (Poems and Essays) from Jane Hirschfield

from Fifteen Pebbles Opening the Hand Between Here and Here           On the dark road, only the weight of the rope.           Yet the horse is there. Jane Hirschfield (1953 – ) from Come, Thief, Alfred A. Knopf, 2011         from Twelve Pebbles   […]